Natural Day Care

Your dog can enjoy 2 acres of fenced fields to run around in, play

and be dogs!

Initial Behavioural Assessment

What we cover with you:

  • Relationship between your dog and you

  • Welfare, lifestyle, food and mental balance

  • Communication and handling

  • Introduction to understanding your dog and improving your relationship

Home Behavioural Consultation

What we cover with you:

  • Full understanding of your dog and your relationship

  • In depth understanding of canine social structure

  • Communication between dogs and dogs, and dogs and people

  • How the above can affect/cause behavioural issues

  • Fully address behavioural issues being experienced in the home and on walks


Socialisation Sessions

For dogs and owners who have lost their confidence in being around other dogs. All introductions are conducted in a safe environment with dogs we know and trust.

Behavioural Walking

For dogs experiencing stress, anxiety or anti social behaviour while out on walks.

Handler Support

For people who need guidance and support when walking and interacting with their dog. Through the handler support sessions you will gain the confidence your dog needs you to have enabling them to feel safe and happy in the world around them.

Full Rehabilitation

For extreme behavoural issues, your dog would come and live with a member of the K9 team and our packs to help re-balance and re-educate your dog.